Cat Cafes in Montreal


If you love cats and good coffee, Montreal can make you enjoy both at the same time. Cat lovers and coffee lovers can visit one of the three cat cafés in the city located on the Plateau Mont-Royal. For my son, it is one of his favorites activity when we are on the Plateau. He can enjoy a little treat while I take my coffee or tea and we have cats coming to us. Visiting Montreal with kids or you are a cat lover? Get these three addresses on your list. They are also a great spot for simple lunch (there is even one 100% vegan).


  • Café des Chats: located near Sherbrooke metro station, this café has a very calming vibe and a ton of books you can enjoy while relaxing. Take your shoes off, put your coat on the rolling rack and then almost quietly, get a table ideally located near the cat’s playground. Light menu offering healthy and vegan options. Nice to go with kids although their excitement might be clashing with the quiet environment. The cats are permanent residents meaning they are used to the public’s company. Visit their website.
  • Café Venosa: 100% vegan café, the cats you will meet at this café are all there for adoption. This one might be more suitable for younger kids as it is a little more noisy (not too much). They offer hot cocoa for little ones. A lot of options for board games making it a great place to hang out with friends with cats on your laps. The 100% vegan food offer doesn’t fit for all. I would say that one or 2 options non-vegan would be good although I understand the owners are probably vegan and it goes with their philosophy. Visit their website.
  • Café Chat l’heureux: I’ve never been to this café but according to their website, their cats are permanent residents, their menu is probably the largest one of all three café. If you’ve ever been, let me know in the comments!

You’re a dog lover, and you want to bring Fido with you? Try out the Brandy.

Any cat café in your town?




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