How to walk on the sidewalk in Montreal with 3 inches of snow and a stroller


Montreal is such a nice city… as long as you don’t have to walk on the sidewalk in the winter with a stroller. You get it. Winter has arrived earlier than usually and I got to already manage to roll my umbrella stroller in the snow and on the ice. It took me one day to remembered myself that strollers + winter aren’t a good duo. So what should I do? I have to walk 15 minutes, twice a day, every day to bring my son at his daycare. Coming to the city during winter time? Here is what I suggest as a born and raised Montrealer:

  • Do baby carrying or toddler carrying: It will me much easier to pass through the snow mount that you will find at each street corner. Don’t have one? Café 1 et 1 font 3 is renting some.
  • Use a kid backpack… for the same reasons as a baby carrying.
  • A car isn’t necessarily the fastest way to get to daycare. If there is fresh snow, you need to take your car off the parking spot and that is usually a good 30-40 minutes. Then you get in the car and it is freaking cold. At least when you walk, you get a little warm.
  • Snow pants for you kids even if he won’t play in the snow. Why? It’s winter …. do I really need to explain this one?
  • Don’t wear these fancy high heel boots. Even if they are super cute, if you have to push a stroller or do baby carrying, you will hate them. Keep them for nice evenings out in town. I wear these winter BOGS. Best winter purchase since a while.

Here are a few links from around the web about parents bringing their kids to daycare/school.

Happy winter everyone!

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