Little green alley for our little ones

Living in the city, people often wonder where our kids can play outside safely. In Montreal, the answer is pretty simple: they play in the alley, also know as la ruelle!

Alleys are located behind apartment buildings mainly in all the central neighborhoods of Montreal (Hochelaga, Mile-End, Plateau, Rosemont, etc). They were introduced at the beginning of the 20th century. You can find around 460 alleys in the city! Any kids who grew up in Montreal have played in the alley. It is the perfect place to play hockey in the winter and to meet up with the neighbors for happy hours in the summer.

The city of Montreal has an amazing program to make the different alleys greener. You will find them identified as Ruelles Vertes. They will often be taken care of by a group of residents who make sure they’re kept clean. The city is also offering a small amount of money to make the green alley greener with plants, flowers, grass or even communal garden. They are true gems for our little ones as often, you will find free toys left by the residents. Kids are welcome to play and enjoy them.

Below are pictures of the alley near our apartment. It’s a lot of fun for my son. He can drive different cars and play with the vintage horse.

Where do your kids play in the city? Of course the park but where else?
ruelle-verte1 ruelle-verte2

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