Your kid knows more then you think


Kids are learning all the time and not only when we give them lessons or when they’re at school. My son taught me something today. Something I already knew but I did not expect a three years old to give me the explanation. Weather lesson We were listening to the weather report. The reporter was […]

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Links of the weekend

around the web

For fun… You should listen to this podcast while you’re drinking your first coffee of the morning and your kids are watching the morning cartoons. I love this statement from the guest: You date round ravioli, you marry square ravioli (the Sporkful podcast). The World’s spiciest tortilla chip: I’m not going to try it. Recipes […]

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Morning rituals


Do you have a morning ritual? I feel like I don’t really have one but, the fact is yes, I do. Every morning, I start the day the same way, at the same time, doing the same things. 7 am: my son wakes me up with a sweet I love you mommy and coffee is […]

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