Swim lessons from the 20th century

Looking at my son in the pool on this cold Saturday morning of February, I wondered for how many years, mothers and fathers were attending to the swim lessons of their kids. For how many years, kids have been taking swim lessons in North America?

I made a quick research on Google to find a few interesting pictures of swim lessons from the beginning of the 20th century. A lot of the pictures are coming from YMCA websites or archives.

Here are a few links to make you smile and realizing we’ve come a long way!

What is this machine holding the kid on top of the water?

I am sure a lesson OUTSIDE of the water with the teacher who clearly won’t go in the water is working great. 

That is a lot of kids who don’t seems to know what they are doing!

Swimming on a piece of wood…

Hope these photos make you laugh.

Are your kids attending swim lessons?

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