Treats from another world

We just came back from NYC where we spent the Canadian Thanksgiving. Between the streets, parks, Space Intrepid Museum, our primary goal was to find the best places to eat. We walked to the Upper West Side and found this tiny spot on Amsterdam Ave:  Treat House A delicious square of paradise. It has inspired me for […]

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Links of the weekend

around the web

For fun… You should listen to this podcast while you’re drinking your first coffee of the morning and your kids are watching the morning cartoons. I love this statement from the guest: You date round ravioli, you marry square ravioli (the Sporkful podcast). The World’s spiciest tortilla chip: I’m not going to try it. Recipes […]

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Let’s start with a plum torte

I’ve been blogging on and off for about 10 years. At the beginning, I wasn’t writing much and I was working in hospitality. Today,I work full time writing for others about pretty much all kinds of subjects. I make sure my writings are driving traffic to my client’s website. I love the fact that I […]

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