Sorry, I’m from Montreal


I thought it would be fun to take over this article from The New Yorker with the title No I’m from New York and give it a little Montrealer twist. So here are my thoughts as a girl from Montreal. In New York, we greet newcomers by giving them incorrect directions to Times Square In […]

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What’s for dinner dice


A few weeks ago we went to New York for the week-end. On Sunday afternoon we were walking in Soho and ended up in what I think was a pop-up shop of the Brooklyn Market…I don’t know exactly but it was such a nice place with artisans of all kinds. I totally fell in love with […]

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Treats from another world


We just came back from NYC where we spent the Canadian Thanksgiving. Between the streets, parks, Space Intrepid Museum, our primary goal was to find the best places to eat. We walked to the Upper West Side and found this tiny spot on Amsterdam Ave:  Treat House A delicious square of paradise. It has inspired me for […]

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