Treats from another world

We just came back from NYC where we spent the Canadian Thanksgiving. Between the streets, parks, Space Intrepid Museum, our primary goal was to find the best places to eat. We walked to the Upper West Side and found this tiny spot on Amsterdam Ave:  Treat House

A delicious square of paradise.

It has inspired me for this weekend. Let’s do Rice Krispies square differently! The kids won’t be sad about it. I rarely cook with refined sugar (I substitute sugar with honey or maple syrup) so they will enjoy a rare moment of sugar rush at home!

I am hesitating between a few a recipes I found around the web:

Peanut butter: you can’t go wrong with them

Chocolate would be my first choice

Would you go with a WEDDING CAKE in Rice Krispies? I’m not sure about this one!

What is your favorite treat made out of  marshmallows?

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