Your kid knows more then you think

Kids are learning all the time and not only when we give them lessons or when they’re at school.

My son taught me something today. Something I already knew but I did not expect a three years old to give me the explanation.

Weather lesson

We were listening to the weather report. The reporter was predicting rain for the evening and the night. Once the report was over, my son started explaining to me that the rain comes from the oceans. The water of the sea goes in the clouds, making the fish sad and then, when the clouds are full of water, that is when it starts raining.

My heart was full of joy listening to him. I was surprised and proud of this little three years old scientist. I asked him where he learned this. He has a few books about dinosaurs and the earth. He is curious about all natural phenomenon.

He answered me the funniest thing I could expect: he learned it while watching *?&*#@? Caillou!


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